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Our Secondary Glazing is the perfect solution for noise reduction & thermal insulation.

Secondary Glazing

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Secondary glazing is a cost effective alternative than replacing your existing windows, and offers many benefits:


Sound Reduction - secondary glazing can reduce noise levels by up to 80% significantly outperforming double glazing.


Thermal Insulation – Fitting secondary glazing substantially reduces the heat loss thought your existing windows so reducing fuel bills & condensation.


Increased Security – secondary glazing cannot be opened from the outside, thus acting as additional barrier against unauthorized entry.


Manufactured from aluminum profile with a minimal sight line and available in a number of styles, including horizontal and vertical sliders, hinged units and lift-outs makes for a discreet and unobtrusive fit  so creating an ideal option  for your  home, commercial properties and public buildings


Abode Hotel, Canterbury


This project called for a 6.8mm Acoustic laminated safety glass to to used in the construction of the secondary glazing to help significantly reduce the noise level produced from this busy City centre bar from affecting it's near by neighbours.