With the trend towards more light and open spaces being incorporated into the design of new schools, offices and public buildings, internal glazed fire screens are increasingly being specified as an alternative to solid walls in applications such as corridors, petition walls and lobbies.


Our range of 'Clear View' Fire glass can help to create a more secure, ultra contemporary environment, while creating greater visibility and maximising natural daylight.

These are multi- laminated safety glass offering the highest level of fire protection, assembled with clear intumesent interlayers. In the event of a fire these interlayers expand at around 120ºC and transforms into a rigid and opaque fire shield,  reducing heat and obscures the view of the fire, so minimises panic and also alerts the emergency services to the presence and location of the fire

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Our modern fire-resistant glass can provide architects, designers and their customers with a wide range of options, addressing both protection levels and appearance.

Integrity and Insulation (EI)

Integrity Only (E)

We can supply and install fire resistant glazing into both timber or steel screens and door systems to provide fire protection from 30 minutes integrity only to 120 minutes integrity and insulation. As an independent supplier of fire-resistant glass, we are able to match the right product to suit both your design criteria and budget.

Advantages of our fire resistant glazing

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Integrity is described as the ability of glass to contain the spread of flame and smoke and prevents collapse, holes and cracks or sustained flaming on the unexposed side for a set time.

By remaining transparent and fully  intact,  the glazing system allows occupants to make thier escape safely and permits rescue services to be fully aware of any impending danger.

Fire Resistant Glazing Solutions

Glazing Perfornance Details

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Integrity Only (EW)

Offers the sames protection as above but the intumesent interlayer in the laminated glass limits the amount of radiated heat that is transferred and reduces the temperature